Why Siri Can Replace a Screen

We have all used Siri to help use make a call, send a text, or remind us to do stuff. Over the years she has transformed into a gimmicky feature into a full blown virtual assistant.  She can all but play Flappy Bird for us and that brings me to my point can a device ditch a screen for pure digital assistant?

Last night I was laying in bed installing a few new tweaks in Cydia when my display died. I had my Beats on and was so mad that my display went off. Nothing would turn it back on. My home button was broke so I had no way to fix the software problem. I activated Siri with my Beats and asked to play Wrecking Ball. After a few other requested songs I wanted to text my girlfriend. I said to Siri “text ***** and tell her that she is the most beautiful girl I have ever met. After confirming she sent the text to her. Right After it sent I got an email. I had no way to look at it and so I had Siri read it to me. I was stunned by how many tasks I accomplished without even touching my screen. I even asked her how old certain people are and she knew, but then the big one came. My girlfriend asked me what special day was coming up. With no certain way of knowing which date it was and my life on the line I asked Siri and she told me. She literally saved my relationship. It is amazing what all I accomplished. The very reason I am writing this article is because the reminder I made without a display.

With all of Siri’s new features and acsess to information very soon she could replace a screen. Who knows maybe the iWatch will ditch a screen. Only time will tell but for now I encourage you to see how many tasks you can accomplish without a display.


P.S My iPod’s screen is now OK. It was a software issue with Cydia, but my home button has a major hardware problem that the folks at Apple will not fix. Just wanted to let you know so you wouldn’t stay up all night worrying about me and my iPod!!!

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