Why so much of negativity for Apple?

On the 9th of September Apple launched a handful of products and services. And as the news hit the web, it started. A lot of people went into fun making frenzy over the new iPhones and the Apple watch. Some Samsung fans labelled the bigger iPhones as a ripoff of Galaxy S5. The Android fan base pointed out that most of the features are generations old. Then came the infamous bend-gate followed by hair-gate and more gates. And Indians posted the same old kidney selling jokes over the high price of iPhones.

Firstly, talking about ripoffs. It was a couple of years ago when Samsung payed a billion dollars fine to Apple for patent infringement. Cant ignore the irony when Samsung prints ads about giving Apple a blueprint for iPhone 7 based on Galaxy Note 4. And a large screen does not make any phone a ripoff of a Galaxy. There are just so many cases when Samsung has shamelessly copied Apple. A 64 bit chip is launched and in a week Samsung starts making 64 bit chips for its phones. iPhone 5s comes in gold, Galaxy S4 too comes in gold after a week. Touch id is launched, a fingerprint reader is incorporated in the home button on galaxy S5. In my opinion, all touch phones are a ripoff of the original iPhone in that way. No one saw a touch panel integrated in a phone before 2007. Why wasn’t Android Anywhere to be seen before September 2008? Apple could have done a bigger screen iPhone before but doing it now doesn’t make it a ripoff of any other phone.

The features(nfc payments, third party keyboards, widgets) are not new to the market. Android has these from generations. Big deal? Who has seen people paying from their Nexus before? Stuffing a gadget with features doesn’t make it usable. There are more than a hundred stores and brands currently supporting Apple pay. Samsung has a feature which knows when you are not looking at the screen and pauses the video and dims the light. Uses a lot of juice and is not usable. But if Apple does it the next year with a better functionality it will be a ripoff because Samsung did that years ago though no one uses it. Android and iOS are very different in the way their environment is made. iOS is closed, very closed. Which in turn makes it far more secure than any other mobile operating system. Before iOS 8, apps could not interact with other apps, which rendered infection from malware virtually impossible. Your apps cannot work on something together but you get security. Android is a very open platform. You can tweak the system, customize it in a lot of ways and of course get the security of your phone compromised. Apple now lets you do the things you can do on Android AND has the security. Android continues to give the freedom of doing a lot of customization but still lacks security. Third party keyboards and widgets are surely a late offering from Cupertino but they are a lot safe and better than Android. Doing things perfectly matters, not doing it before and compromising the quality. About bend gate. We studied about metals being malleable and ductile in 7th grade. The iPhone 6 plus is a large piece of hardware made entirely of aluminum on the outside except the display. If enough force is applied it will bend, just like applying a lot of force on the screen will break it. Its a property of the material used. If you scratch your gorilla glass screen with a blade, it will get scratched but does that make gorilla glass a less able material for a screen? Does that give birth to scratch gate? And for the record, the Galaxy Note 4 among many other phones, which is also made of metal casing, bends under similar conditions. iPhone 6 starts at fifty two thousand rupees in India. Samsung galaxy note 4 starts at sixty thousand rupees. I don’t see a very high difference in the cost of the flagships. It is actually eight thousand rupees cheaper than note 4. When HTC One max was launched here, it had a price tag of sixty five thousand. No one sold their kidneys then. Sure, Apple and affordable don’t go hand in hand but whats wrong in keeping a premium price for a premium device? Most of the flagships are in the same price range.

Just like everything Apple is not perfect nor are it’s products but they sure are better than a lot of products in the market. Reading non sense about them really took its toll and hence this article. I don’t see a point in being so negative about a company which has consistently been innovative with its products. Hope you liked the article.

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