App Store Stories August 1

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Apple and Google have removed hundreds of financial trading apps from their app stores following an investigation suggesting that thousands of people may have been scammed – many of them seniors. Some have reportedly lost their entire life savings.

The action follows an investigation by a newspaper and a review by a securities & investment body …

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App Store Stories July 25

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At the Postback conference last week in Seattle, Apple’s vice president of advertising Todd Teresi sat down with TUNE to discuss the company’s continued efforts in analytics and and mobile measurement. Teresi discussed how Apple plans to continue working with developers to improve metrics in the App Store, and more.

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App Store Stories July 17

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App Store Stories July 15

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Update: When reached for clarification, Apple said “This is not a new guideline. We have never allowed apps on the App Store that are designed to interfere with the performance or capabilities of other apps.” It also said it would remove other apps that offer features that block advertising in third-party apps if they “may have snuck on to the App Store.”  Apple added, “We have always supported advertising as one of the many ways that developers can make money with apps.”

Apple has seemingly recently shifted its policy regarding adblock apps on the App Store. The company, according to the developer of several major adblock apps that reached out to 9to5Mac after its app updates were rejected, has reversed its policy on VPN-based adblock applications, which install certificates on the device itself to block advertisements both in Safari and in other third-party applications.

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App Store Stories July 6

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App Store Stories June 28

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