arcade Stories January 14

Mac gamers are likely familiar with Humble, the gaming service that bundles games you’ve actually heard of for one great price. Starting next month, however, Humble will be parting ways with the Mac.

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arcade Stories July 13, 2021

Apple Arcade hasn’t been an essential service for me, but a recent experience with my son has made the subscription video game service a must-have for my family. I also think my kid thinks I’m a little bit cooler now.

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arcade Stories March 19, 2015

Atari’s new gamified fitness app lets you unlock classic arcade games by working out

Atari is releasing a new fitness app today called Atari Fit that lets users unlock classic Atari arcade games by working out.

The app acts as a personal trainer of sorts with over 100 exercises and fitness routines as well as integration with Apple’s Health app and fitness tracking wearables like Fitbit and Jawbone.

It also has a few interesting gaming features including multiplayer, online leaderboards, and the ability unlock classic Atari games like Pong, Super Breakout, and Centipede:

Multiplayer – Play with friends all over the world anytime. Join a team and workout together or race against each other. Track your stats as a group and encourage each other to workout. Compete to become the fittest team of gamers worldwide!

In addition to unlocking games using points earned by working out, Atari is teaming up with Walgreens to offer Walgreens Balance Rewards loyalty program points as in-game rewards.

The Atari Fit iPhone app is available for free on the App Store.

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