Nuance releases new Dragon Anywhere app on iOS w/ continuous cloud-based dictation

Earlier this year, popular speech recognition company Nuance¬†announced that it was launching a new iOS app with a plethora of new voice recognition. We covered the new app in detail in August, but now, Nuance’s Dragon Anywhere app is available on the App Store.

Dragon Anywhere on iOS offers incredibly accurate dictation, all based in the cloud. Nuance touts that the app allows for full documents to be composed on the go, all with your voice, and subsequently shared via services like Dropbox and Evernote.

With the required cloud-based subscriptions, your transcriptions are constantly syncing to the cloud and are always update to date on all of your devices. There’s no time limit on dictation and users can talk uninterrupted throughout the process.

One of the new features of the app is auto-text. This is essentially pre-set document formats. Nuance has demonstrated this with corporations especially. For instance, an insurance company could share a text setup of a claim form with all of their employees. Then, employees could seamlessly dictate the claim into the pre-developed form without having to take anytime to format the document itself.

Dragon Anywhere is available now on the App Store. There’s a one week free trial, after which you’ll need to register for a subscription. Subscriptions range from $15/month to $150/year. The app currently supports US English, although it will be updated “later this year” with UK English and German support.