Imagination Tech Stories July 24, 2017

Apple’s decision to design its own GPUs for iOS devices rather than license designs from Imagination Tech may have unexpected consequences. A report over the weekend suggests that an equity fund back by the Chinese government is exploring a bid for the company.

Concern is being expressed at the potential security implications of Chinese control over chip designs used in a wide variety of technology, including aerospace and defence equipment …

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Imagination Tech Stories July 4, 2017

The annual report of Imagination Tech – the company whose GPU designs are used under license in the iPhone and iPad – describes statements made by Apple as ‘unsubstantiated’ and ‘highly regrettable.’

The company said that in financial year 2017 it returned the company to profitability and had a clear strategy for growth. That path was derailed by an Apple warning that the company planned to switch to its own GPU designs within two years, and would no longer need to pay license fees to Imagination …

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