Imagination Technologies Stories July 10, 2017

Apple appears to be making an aggressive move to poach more staff from Imagination Technologies, the British chip designer behind the GPUs used in iOS devices. The Telegraph reports that Apple has set up its own GPU design team in offices just a few miles from Imagination’s campus.

The Silicon Valley giant has planted its flag by renting a 22,500 square-foot office in St Albans, a stone’s throw from Imagination’s headquarters. It plans to use the office to develop its own graphics technology as it ditches Imagination, leading to fears that it will poach the British company’s most talented staff …

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Imagination Technologies Stories July 7, 2017

The war of words between Apple and Imagination Technologies seems to be escalating. A few days after Imagination’s annual report accused Apple of making ‘unsubstantiated allegations,’ the Cupertino company has hit back.

Apple says that the chip designer’s response has been ‘inaccurate and misleading,’ and presents a very different timeline of events …

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Imagination Technologies Stories July 4, 2017

The annual report of Imagination Tech – the company whose GPU designs are used under license in the iPhone and iPad – describes statements made by Apple as ‘unsubstantiated’ and ‘highly regrettable.’

The company said that in financial year 2017 it returned the company to profitability and had a clear strategy for growth. That path was derailed by an Apple warning that the company planned to switch to its own GPU designs within two years, and would no longer need to pay license fees to Imagination …

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Imagination Technologies Stories June 22, 2017

Imagination Technologies, the British company that designed the graphics chips used in iOS devices, has put itself up for sale.

Apple currently pays Imagination 30 cents per device in the form of patent royalties on its graphics chip designs, but warned the company back in April that it planned to start using its own chip architecture within the next two years.

The impact of that notification was both immediate and dramatic …

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Imagination Technologies Stories May 10, 2017

Imagination Technologies, the company behind the PowerVR GPU tech seen in Apple’s AX chips, has announced the first chip based off of its new Furian architecture. The PowerVR Series8XT GT8525 introduces significant enhancements in mobile graphic performance. The very type of performance that could find a home in future devices that have a focus on AR/VR requirements…

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Imagination Technologies Stories May 4, 2017

Following yesterday’s news that Qualcomm is seeking an import ban on iPhones as part of its patent royalty dispute with Apple, Imagination Technologies has filed a formal dispute over its own licensing arrangements with the iPhone maker …

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