Dialog Stories October 10

Dialog has been part of the Apple supply chain for some time, but has faced financial uncertainty amidst rumors Apple is developing its own power management chips. In an interesting turn of events this morning, Apple and Dialog announced a new business agreement where Apple will license power management technology from Dialog, in exchange for an upfront $300 million payment and another $300 million in purchase agreements over the next three years.

In addition to transferring technical assets, the company announced Apple is hiring the ~300 staff who currently work at Dialog on Apple-related projects. This deal dramatically helps ramp up Apple’s custom chip efforts in areas like power management and charging.

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Dialog Stories May 31

Apple supplier Dialog Semiconductor warned investors that its revenue growth will be lower than expected this year. The news follows a report in November of last year that suggested Apple is developing in-house power management chips, which is what Dialog currently supplies to the company…

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Sylvania HomeKit Light Strip

Dialog Stories May 10

Dialog Semiconductor yesterday announced its Q1 earnings, and CEO Jalal Bagherli played down the possible loss of future business with Apple. The company designs power management chips used in iPhones, and the Cupertino company is estimated to account for around 70% of its income.

Announcing revenues up 23% year-on-year to £332M but profit down 25% to $17.4M, Bagherli tried to strike a positive note as the company waits for news from Apple …

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Dialog Stories March 5

Dialog says it has at least a one-year reprieve as an Apple supplier

Dialog Semiconductor saw its shares plunge last year after it warned that its time as an Apple supplier might be coming to an end …

Dialog Stories January 8

Apple supplier Dialog reports record revenue and sees share price climb despite uncertain future

Dialog Semiconductor, which makes most of its revenue from supplying power-management chips to Apple, has reported record quarterly revenue of $463M in Q4 last year. This was up 27% year-on-year.

The firm saw its shares climb 4% on the news, though not clawing back the fall following last month’s admission that it faced an uncertain future with Apple …

Dialog Stories April 14, 2017

Update: The WSJ reports that Apple is withholding licensing fees from Qualcomm pending resolution of the legal dispute between the two companies. A source estimates that Apple accounts for around 12% of the company’s total revenue. Qualcomm’s share price is down 19% so far this year.

We saw recently the impact on the share price of Imagination Technologies when Apple announced that it expected to stop using the company’s GPU tech within two years. The stock plummeted by 70%, reducing its market valuation by hundred of millions of dollars.

Not surprising when it turns out that royalty payments from Apple on the company’s chip designs forms almost half of the company’s income – and it is not the only company to be so heavily dependent on Apple’s business …

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