scratch test Stories April 21, 2015

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If you’re still having trouble deciding between the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport, there’s a new video that may make it a bit easier. Not too long ago, a video was released that tested the scratch resistance of the Apple Watch’s sapphire glass panel, but today the Ion-X glass found on the Sport model gets put through the same treatment. Will it hold up against the torture?

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scratch test Stories April 9, 2015

Hammer Time: The Apple Watch gets its clock cleaned

Hammer Time: The Apple Watch gets its clock cleaned

UK-based electronics repair site iPhonefixed has gotten its hands on one of the sapphire crystal displays to be used in the mid-range and high-end Apple Watch models and put it through a bevy of quick scratch tests to see how it would fare.

After taking everything from sandpaper to a hammer and even a power drill to the cover, iPhonefixed’s testers were unable to put so much as a scratch on the sapphire surface. Overall it looks like the watch will be pretty durable.

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scratch test Stories August 5, 2014

Kyocera’s Sapphire Shield smartphone display takes a beating in new stress test video

Kyocera has published a new video of its Sapphire Shield smartphone cover in action, pitting it against standard impact-resistant glass in a few drop and scratch tests. As you might expect, the sapphire cover fared much better than the glass. While the glass display was easily scratched and shattered using a piece of granite, the Sapphire Shield looked like it had just come out of the box.

The Sapphire Shield can currently be found on Kyocera’s Brigadier smartphone, which became available from Verizon last week. The phone is currently one of a few to sport a sapphire display, though it’s widely believed that Apple will be debuting such a device early next month.

You can see the full Sapphire Shield stress test below:


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