sensibo Stories February 24, 2021

Sensibo Air adds HomeKit support for retrofitting window AC units and more with smart home features

Companies like Google’s Nest, Ecobee, and Honeywell mostly own the market when it comes to making central A/C and furnaces smart but what about window/portable/split AC units and more? Sensibo Air is an easy way to convert your dumb A/C into a smart appliance and now HomeKit support has officially arrived.

sensibo Stories December 7, 2018

After promising to enable HomeKit support earlier this year, Sensibo is out today with an update to its smart a/c and heat pump controller. While the HomeKit support hasn’t arrived yet, Siri Shortcuts are now available with Sensibo Sky to control all types of air conditioners and heat pumps.

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sensibo Stories July 16, 2018

Quick Review: Sensibo Sky smartens up your in-window air conditioner with web connected thermostat

There are now a few HomeKit-enabled window mounted air conditioners on the market, but what about the millions of installed and working dumb air conditioners already in homes and apartments? Does it make sense to trash a perfectly good air conditioner just to get a smart one?

Perhaps! But an Israeli-based company called Sensibo has a quicker/easier/better solution. For most air conditioners with a remote, the Sensibo Sky is will add an app/web controlled and timer equipped thermostat to your air conditioner in minutes, and today it is $99 as part of Amazon’s Prime Day. 

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