spaceship Stories March 11, 2015

Following the latest 4K drone flyover video we posted earlier this month, Apple has shared an updated aerial shot showing construction progress on its Campus 2 project in Cupertino. The new shot shows significant developments since last month’s official image. expand full story

spaceship Stories February 11, 2015

Apple has continued to make steady progress on its new headquarters, and this week provided KQED News with a special “sneak peek” at the construction site. The news outlet has released several photos of some of the major structures on the upcoming campus, and has promised additional photos from the tour will be published later this month.

Last week we got an drone’s-eye view of the progress, which gave us our first look at some of these buildings. The new photos provide another point of view, showing the structures from the ground. This is the first time we’ve seen photos like this for the “spaceship” campus.

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spaceship Stories February 2, 2015

spaceship Stories January 4, 2015

Apple Campus 2 progress shown off in 4K drone flyover video

If you’ve been keeping up with the progress on Apple’s upcoming campus since our last check-in, you’ll definitely want to see the latest drone flyover video from Myithz, which boasts an impressive 4K look at the construction.

If you’ve picked up a 4K monitor (or 5K iMac!), you can check out the three-minute video in all of its high-res glory below.


While the video above shows off some of the construction progress made since last checking in, Apple’s general project schedule remains the same for the project with street utilities and demolition work expected to finish this year, earthwork continuing into early 2015, and building construction into late 2016:

The new 176 acre Campus 2 is expected to hold approximately 12,000 Apple employees over 2.8M square feet after its completion. Currently Apple expects to wrap up building construction and begin moving employees in by the end of 2016 and into 2017.

spaceship Stories December 4, 2014

Apple planning to spend $161 million on its own auditorium at ‘spaceship’ campus

By now you’ve probably heard about Apple’s ambitious new “spaceship” campus, which will serve as the company’s new headquarters once completed. While some details of the facility haven’t been revealed to the public, a new building permit uncovered by BuildZoom has given us an idea of how much money Apple will be spending on its new in-house auditorium.

The 1,000-seat theater is going to cost Apple somewhere around $161 million. It will be worth the money though, as it’s expected to be used for most product unveilings, and will give Apple even greater control over the keynote experience. It won’t be large enough to take over as the official WWDC venue, but for most other product launches it should work nicely.


spaceship Stories September 30, 2014

Apple provides facts & figures to support “greenest building on the planet” claims

After Tim Cook recently claimed at an environmental conference that its new ‘Spaceship’ headquarters would be “the greenest building on the planet,” Apple today provided (via Business Insider) a few illustrative facts and figures to support the claim.

For example, Cupertino law requires that construction sites reuse at least 75% of their demolished materials. Apple says it’s using over 90% of the old headquarters in building the new one.

This includes recycling all of the concrete from its present headquarters to form part of the foundations of the new campus. Trees cleared from the construction site are being turned into lumber for use in the building.

Once completed, Apple says that not only will 100 percent of its energy come from renewable sources (Apple is building a large solar farm at the site), but that the unique design of the structure means it will require far less energy to run than a conventional building.

The new HQ will also save money on heating and cooling. Apple says the building will have natural ventilation for 75% of the year.

While these are just a few snippits, we’re likely to hear more as construction work progresses.

Apple places a high priority on its environmental credentials, hiring former EPA administrator Lisa Jackson to oversee environmental issues, building a dedicated microsite for environmental responsibility, releasing an Earth Day video narrated by Tim Cook, and running press ads calling on other companies to follow its example.

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