If you were excited about the prospect of Core i5 MacBook Pros, which Intel briefly offered up in a contest last month, you are going to be pretty stoked about today’s news from MacRumors.

Their forum members found a GeekBench scoring done yesterday by a Core-i7  M620 MacBook Pro which is running an unreleased version of Mac OS 10.6.2 (Build 10C3067) and Bios MBP61.88Z.004C.B00.1001251657.

Current generation MacBook Pros score in the 3700-4000 range on the GeekBench score meaning that this particular laptop is a screamer. 

We’re hoping we don’t have to remind anyone here to hold off on buying a new MacBook Pro for the foreseeable future as it seems an update is imminent, with Macrumors even saying that International supplies of MacBook Pros have been dwindling.

We should note that it isn’t impossible to fake the specs of a MacBook to Geekbench.

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