Google has finally brought their helpful ‘Instant Previews’ feature from the desktop browser, down to the mobile experience. ‘Instant Previews’ let you tap the accompanying magnifying glass for a pop-up preview of the website. This saves you time, as now you can get a quick glance at the site without actually having to load up the page. The neat part about Google’s implementation in iOS Safari is that you can flick through the previews of a particular search query, like you flick through iOS’s native Safari tabs function.

At this time, Google’s ‘Instant Previews’ feature for iOS has not hit all user devices, as the feature is yet to appear on our iPhone 4 or iPad. Google is yet to announce the ‘Instant Previews’ feature for mobile, so this could be an early and/or limited rollout. Google has been releasing new features for the Google mobile website lately, with the most recent additions being ‘Google Instant’ and enhanced Google Docs editing in the iPad‘s browser. Let us know if the new ‘Instant Previews’ feature is present for you, in the comments. Thanks, Jimit!

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