Not the Apple TV, but an Apple television. Apple has posted a new job position looking for people to work on next-generation power supply technology. Apple needs people to to “work on the forefront of new power management designs and technologies with the exemplary company consistently bringing innovations in the industry.” Although some mind find that fascinating, we find what Apple needs this new power management technology to power even more interesting… TVs!

Apple separates “TV” from “standalone displays” making it clear these are actual televisions, not Apple’s regular LED displays. Apple does have a television accessory called Apple TV and the job posting does not note this being that product. We are certainty speculating a little bit here, but we do feel this is very interesting either way. Over the years a number of reports emerged Apple was working on an actual TV, including reports from analyst Gene Munster in 2009 and a few weeks ago.

Also, this could tie in nicely with our report about Apple exploring OLED displays.

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