We’re seeing the following marks on the A5:


APL0498 33950130

ECl035E1 1104

N3556N02 1107 A

Update: Geez, we have some smart commenters.  They’ve figured out that “ECl035E1″ is a Samsung Part and which indicates 512MB of  RAM.


2Gbit=256MB (per stack) so 512MB ddr2 @ 800Mbps
complete info:
K3: Samsung Mobile DRAM Stac
P: MDDR2-P(※S4)+MDDR2-P(※S4)
E4: A-Port I/F & Density & Vcc& Org (4 Gbit 2Ch 1.2V 46nm)
E4: B-Port I/F & Density & Vcc& Org
0: Reserved
0: Interposer I/F (0: none)
B: Generation B-Die
X: Package FBGA
G: Temp. (G : -25 ~ 85℃)
C1: Speed (C1 : 2.5ns@RL6, TRCD18ns, TRP18ns ) 800 Mbps
for reference see also http://www.samsung.com/global/business/

Looking at the samsung’s DRAM part number K3PE4E400B, the 4th and 5th column (E4) refers to ram density. The next 2 columns after that is also E4 which is the second dram stack. According to the specsheet, which is outdated, it does not list the E4 code only up to E3. E3 lists the ram as MDDR2-P 1Gbit. That gives us 2Gbits which is 512MB.

Thanks Dave Park, Matteo Dabergami and wisetech

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