If you’re a MobileMe subscriber, prepare for some inconveniences while Apple moves your stuff to its humongous North Carolina datacenter. Between yesterday and this fall, when iCloud becomes available to everyone with iOS 5, some services won’t be available and other may need your attention. Apple outlined what’s to be expected in both a support document and an unreleased guide we uncovered. We’ve spotted another support document, this one related to MobileMe email aliases. So, what’s the deal?


“As of June 6, 2011, the following changes to MobileMe email aliases are no longer supported”, Apple writes. You no longer are able to create new aliases, delete an existing alias, change the active or inactive status of an alias and change the color or description of an alias. Note, however, that your existing aliases will continue to function – it’s just that you will no longer be able to create new aliases and manage existing ones. “Currently active email aliases will continue to work for sending and receiving emails”, the company wrote in the support document. What about iCloud, you ask… Well, MobileMe subscribers can expect to be able to add, delete or change email aliases when the iCloud becomes available “this fall”, Apple explained.

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