Of all web browsing globally – of which one fifth happens on the Chrome browser – various mobile devices and tablets now account for five percent, with one percent belonging to iPad. In other words, one fifth of all global browsing happening on both mobile devices (all iOS, Android, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows Mobile and Java ME devices) and tablets is being credited to Apple’s 9.7-inch aluminum and glass slab, an improvement from 0.92 percent in the month-ago period. That’s the gist of two separate reports released today by web research firm Net Applications (here and here). In the United States, Apple’s tablet accounts for and 2.1 percent of all browsing, confirming many customer surveys telling us that people are using their iPads to browse the web, first and foremost.

Mobile and tablet platforms account for over 8.2 percent of all browsing in the United States, of which iPhone and iPad combined control five percent (2.9 percent for iPhone and 2.1 percent for iPad). Android is the second-most used mobile platform for web browsing in the US with 2.6 percent share. Blackberry (0.57 percent), Symbian (0.03 percent), Java ME (0.02 percent) and Windows Mobile (0.02 percent) are all rounding errors.

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One Response to “Five percent of all browsing now mobile, one percent is iPad”

  1. Philan says:

    You’re excited about 1 percent? Lol