Apple’s online store last month mysteriously went offline for hours in what had been a slight tweak which saw a limited roll out of Facebook and Twitter sharing on the Mac Pro page and iPod classic pages. Today, the company rolled out the social sharing buttons for every product sold on the online store, including printers, accessories, speakers and other third-party products. It’s easy, just browse the store for a product you would like to share, click the right side of either the Select button or the big green Add To Cart button and then choose Twitter or Facebook to share.

We’ve also noticed that the various sections of Apple’s support site have been unavailable since yesterday, including the Repair Status, Product Registration and Service & Support Coverage tools. These outages might not be related to store-wide social sharing that has been live for hours. Perhaps those sections are dead as a result of a maintenance upgrade. Another possible explanation is that Apple is revamping those ahead of iPhone 5 launch, which now looks increasingly due in early October, as 9to5Mac originally reported.

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