Sparrow, an efficient and minimalistic email application for the Mac, has been updated today with useful new features, including integration with the popular cloud storage, Dropbox. Upon authorizing your free or paid Dropbox account for use with Sparrow, you can attach and sync any file from your Dropbox by dragging and dropping it onto the compose window. Dropbox integration ensures that email attachments are not lost upon sending. The previous version of Sparrow also brought us support for CloudApp so Dropbox integration is a welcome addition that works towards strengthening the program’s cloud storage capabilities.

Also, if you receive a lot of unsolicited email messages (who doesn’t), you’ll be delighted to know that Sparrow finally lets you block remote images. You can tell Sparrow to display images once, always or choose to load only remote images in messages from specific domains or senders. Finally, improved search with tokens and suggestions enables you to find needle in a haystack in a Gmail-like fashion.

Using tokens means finding the mail you’re looking for in a matter of seconds. You could, for example, search for only the messages from a specific sender received on a specific date by taking advantage of the new FROM and DATE tokens. Sparrow is a ten buck download from the Mac App Store. A free lite version with adverts is also available.

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