We’re not quite sure why Samsung is adamant on insulting its potential future customers (you will be in the market for a new refrigerator or a washing machine at some point), but here it is: A new Galaxy SII commercial that exploits the line waiters theme first seen in last month’s commercials and bashing on Facebook. The new commercial once again depicts Apple fans queued up for a new iPhone.

“You guys are still here?”, the Samsung dude asks, before laughing them off by insisting his Galaxy SII keeps all his content – and specifically music – in the cloud. “I have all my playlists right here, my music streams from the cloud and I have tons of places to buy my music”, he says to his iPhone-toting friends who stare at his device in bewilderment.

As you know, Apple’s been heavily advertising the iOS 5 software and iCloud/iTunes Match music locker in the cloud. As for Samsung, they are “excited for the opportunity to educate as many consumers as possible about why the Samsung Galaxy S II is the preferred choice for smartphone owners”. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.

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