Citing their usual industry sources within the Asian supply chain, DigiTimes claimed Dec. 27 that Apple is prepping an HDTV for a summer 2012 launch that will be initially available in 32-inch and 37-inch variants.

According to its report, suppliers will begin the early stages of production in the first quarter of 2012. Apple is apparently shooting for a Q2 or Q3 2012 release window. DigiTimes also confirmed that the device will indeed be a full-fledged HDTV. In addition, other sources indicate Apple could also possibly release a refreshed Apple TV set-top box:

Instead of a form of set-top box (STB) like the Apple TV launched in 2006, Apple’s new products will be full TV sets…However, other sources also revealed that Apple may continue to launch its next-generation STB-like Apple TVs in 2012 as it has lowered the price of its current version of Apple TV listed on Amazon by 9% recently.

The report also claimed the Korean press are running stories that confirm Samsung Electronics is producing chips for the Apple branded HDTV, while Sharp will supply the displays. This information supports a report from The Tokyo Times in November that claimed Apple signed with Sharp to begin production of large displays in January.

It also follows a lengthy report from WSJ that claimed Apple executives are in talks with heads of media companies regarding an HDTV with Siri-like voice control, enhanced AirPlay functionality, and iCloud/DVR capabilities.

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