Mobile device manager Aerohive introduced Enterprise Bonjour Gateway today for enabling Apple’s Bonjour protocol to work across multiple network segments in a corporate setting.

Bonjour allows networking hardware to automatically configure (zero-configuration), while Bonjour Gateway (PDF) essentially adds support for iPad and iPhone users to employ components like AirPrint for wireless printing wherever an AirPrint-capable printer is accessible. The feature intends to aid the growing trend of users who bring their iOS devices into work.

More information is available below.

Aerohive sells hardware for the bridge-like enhancemet to support a plethora of Bonjour networking, including AirPlay for sending video from an iPad across a network. Bonjour Gateway’s primary function is for Apple iOS devices to connect with a Bonjour device enabled-service from anywhere on an extended network.

Beta trials will release in the second quarter of 2012 with shipping scheduled for mid-year. Meanwhile, a video demonstration of Aerohive’s Bonjour Gateway is available above.

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