Update: It appears they are now selling these. Unfortunately, we were able to get our hands on one and just can’t recommend the purchase due to extremely poor build quality. It’s possible we received a bad unit, but you’re taking the risk. Our unit didn’t close properly, which meant the iPad didn’t auto-sleep when closing the lid. Also, the iPad is only held in by a single piece of plastic at the top. Our iPad fell out during normal use several times, crashing screen-down on the keyboard. These among other issues.

Japanese blog Macotakara pointed us to the “NoteBook Case” for iPad, but by “notebook” the website really means a MacBook Pro clone. The case packs a built-in Lithium-polymer battery that allows you to charge the iPad while in use. It also features a USB port, mini USB port, and Bluetooth for the keyboard. The case is available through Japanese retailer Rakuten for 5,980 yen (or roughly $75), so it could land in Rakuten’s United States-based Buy.com in the near future. It is made specifically for iPad 2, but most cases should work with the third-gen iPad due to the tablets’ small difference in thickness.

Update: A reader sent us his unboxing and setup:

Go past the break for a full gallery.

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