From 9to5Toys:

We all know there are some new Ivy Bridge Macs coming in the near future, but is it best to jump on launch day or does holding off a few days get better prices? Dealnews did the research on the last three years of Mac prices and found customers could save hundreds of dollars by holding off just a few days. Waiting two days saves up to $45 on a MacBook Pro, one day saved $49 on an Air, and a week saved $94 on an iMac at various resellers besides Apple. Waiting a few months nets even more savings. Apple only cuts deals on Black Friday (and small discounts for students and companies).

Apple’s iOS devices do not lose value so quickly, so it makes much more sense to “line up” on Day One. Hit 9to5Toys to find all the latest Apple related deals.

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One Response to “When is the best time to buy a Mac? (hint, hint)”

  1. […] 【img via Office March 2011 / GregDawson】 僕が所属する会社のチームメンバーは全員Mac!g.O.R.i(@planetofgori)デス! どうせMacを買うのであれば最新モデルを買いたい。同時に、どうせMacを買うのであればなるべく安く買いたい。過去の状況を元に、最新モデルが発売されてからどれぐらいで価格が下がるのかをまとめたインフォグラフィックが9To5Macで取り上げられていたので、紹介する! スポンサーリンク googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1375597547067-0'); }); <一部抜粋> […]