Rene Ritchie from iMore has posted a few fresh tidbits on what he is hearing regarding the next iPhone:

  • Apple has not finalized their design choice for the new iPhone
  • The screen will likely be capped at 4 inches (if it gets bigger at all)
  • Smaller dock connector is currently in development for the new device
  • Home button stays
  • No metal back
  • Launch is still in October and LTE is still in the cards

These details come after an iLounge report in which the site claimed the new iPhone would gain a longer display with a partially metal back. Since Apple prototypes many designs for upcoming products, it is very likely (given they have provided accurate information in the past) that iLounge’s iPhone 5 description is of an actual prototype. However, iMore is saying that the new iPhone design is yet to be finalized, so don’t be disappointed if the final product looks different than iLounge’s mockups.

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