During the third day of the Apple vs. Samsung trial taking place in a San Jose courtroom this morning, Apple presented a set of new evidence through a series of six photographs that show the phone, music, contacts, photos, notes, and settings icons from iOS and Samsung’s custom TouchWiz UI layered on top of Android. Apple claimed Samsung “slavishly” ripped the design of its trademarked icons. As you can see in the gallery above, the icons look very similar across a series of Samsung devices. In fact, why would Samsung use a CD image on a phone?

Apple has two witnesses for the stand who are familiar with designing user interfaces on the slate. Those two include Happy Mac logo creator Susan Kare and the former President of the Industrial Designers Society of America Peter Bressler. Both, of which, could certainly help Apple a ton. Apple only used four hours of its trial time, so there is still roughly 21 more trial hours left until Samsung’s turn. You can check out the full gallery over at CNETDid Apple just make its case?

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