StackSocial today offers $50 worth of InCase credit for $25 with free shipping on orders. The credit expires December 20 (deal ends August 18) so you can use the credit to buy products for upcoming iOS devices and/or gifts for the holidays.

Enhance The Design in Your Life With $50 Worth of Incase Accessories For Only $25.

Have you been searching for unique iPhone & iPad accessories that will get people looking?

Who are we kidding, you can never have enough Apple accessories that’s why we’ve worked day and night to bring you $50 worth of Incase accessories for ONLY $25! That includes shipping to contiguous USA customers only.

Who is Incase?

Incase creates products to protect and enhance the technology that is essential to our lives. Their designs meet the needs of individuals across all interests, professions, and passions – so there is a product for you.

As you browse around Incase’s online shop you’ll notice their products promote design simplicity and offer intuitive functionality keeping you connected and protected anywhere you go.

You can spend your $50 on InCase products which include: 

  • iPhone, iPad, MacBook, & iPod cases
  • Stylish bags for your everyday essentials
  • Sleek headphones
  • And much more
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