We posted images last month of what appeared to be a logic board for the next-generation iPhone showing an internal look at the A6 chip expected in the iPhone 5. New images of the logic board from HDBlog.it today show an A6 chip and what could be some of the other updated internal components of the iPhone 5. Earlier this year, we reported Apple was internally seeding a faster iPhone with 1GB of RAM and a variation of the A5x chip in the new iPad. However, in February, before the new iPad launch, we found evidence Apple was working on both new A5x and A6 chipsets.

Also present in the images: Qualcomm’s MDM9615M LTE modem and flash memory provided by Hynix. Qualcomm was showing off some new LTE chipsets in February, which we said could very likely end up in the iPhone 5, and one, of which, was the MDM9615 spotted on the logic board in today’s photos. The Hynix-supplied memory could of course be an indicator that there is some truth to recent reports of Apple reducing component orders from Samsung, but we will have to wait for the official teardowns to know for sure.

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