The iCloud outage, which began Tuesday and affected roughly 2 percent of Apple’s 200 Million iCloud users, now appears to be over. However, some iCloud users wrote to tell us that Apple just dumped all of their email into the Inbox with 12/31/69 dates and jumbled Subject lines. One reader’s email now looks like this:


An excerpt from his frustrated email is below. I hate to say this about a company that makes the best hardware and OS software in the world, but it would be hard to trust my junkmail to iCloud at this point.

The date of 12/31/69 applied to all my previous emails since the email system icloud came back up for me yesterday morning.  I am unable to read those emails also.
Same thing is happening to my most recent emails now.
It is quite unacceptable that Apple would put so little effort in fixing the icloud problem no matter what percentage of clients were affected.  To top it all, they don’t even provide any contact information or any updates on what is happening and why!

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