While its certainly not a stand out feature of iOS 6, many were pleased to learn iPad users would gain access to a brand new Clocks app with the release of the new OS. Everyone, that is, except for Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) who is taking issue with the apps resemblance to its classic Swiss railway station clock design. Swiss newspaper Blick.ch reported today SBB is attempting to contact Apple over the issue and confirmed with SBB spokesman Reto Kormann that Apple is not authorized to use the design:

SBB are angry. Apple had apparently not considered necessary to ask the train operator’s permission. “We’re trying to contact Apple in touch to control the unauthorized use of financial and legal”, SBB spokesman Reto Kormann says on request of Blick.ch.

The design of the clock face created in 1944 was originally a copyright and trademark of engineer Hans Hilfiker, but these days watch maker Mondaine licenses the design and is considering legal action. Blick.ch was able to confirm Mondaine’s intentions to go after Apple with Mondaine Group CEO André Bernheim.

There isn’t much arguing that Apple’s new clocks app, pictured above, resembles the classic design. Apple has not yet responded to the reports.

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