An update was delivered yesterday to Verizon iPhone 5 owners experiencing an issue where cellular data would be used even when the device is connected to Wi-Fi. The carrier confirmed to 9to5Mac in a statement that customers will not be charged for the data, but it looks like the issue is not Verizon-only. We received multiple reports of the same issue from AT&T customers, indicating the problem might be related to iPhone 5/iOS 6 rather than Verizon-specific.

As noted in the tweet above, like Verizon iPhone 5 users, some AT&T customers experienced hundreds of dollars in overages. One iPhone 5 user reported gobbling up to 2GB of cellular data over a three-day period while connected to Wi-Fi. There are several AT&T users on Apple’s support website reporting the same problem, too.

The New York Times also noted the problem was not specific to Verizon:

the problem may also affect iPhone 5 owners on other carriers, including AT&T and Sprint. Those two carriers and Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Apple, Sprint, and AT&T have not issued a statement addressing the complaints, but we will update if they do.

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