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References to unreleased Microsoft Office applications for iOS devices have appeared on Microsoft’s support website, as noted by MacRumors and Mac4Ever. Microsoft’s French support site for an article pertaining to Excel references an Excel for iPad app. However, the same English-localized support document only references an Excel product for desktop computers. The above references for Excel for iPad, PowerPoint for iPad, and Office Mobile for iPhone were also located on Microsoft’s support website.

Last month, photos of a purported build of Microsoft’s upcoming iOS Office app leaked out. It seems that, given the reportedly basic iPhone editing functionality of said build, that these may be photos of the “Office Mobile for iPhone” references on Microsoft’s website. Full-fledged iPad Excel and PowerPoint iPad apps were not discussed in The Verge report regarding leaked iOS Office app screenshots, but screenshots from a report from The Daily earlier this year appear to have shown more functional Microsoft iPad apps.

Microsoft is reportedly set to begin rolling out its iOS Office applications sometime in early 2013, possibly in February or March.

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