Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 8.43.47 AM
The source of today’s rumor^

There is a sketchy rumor floating around this morning from Chinese tech website (and translated by BrightWire), where a source of the website has seen the upcoming iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 at an Apple supplier.

Unfortunately, there are more than a few reasons why the report simply doesn’t add up. First, the report originated from microblog Old Yao. This weblog appears to be part of, but it’s not a part of the website’s official news coverage. A quick look through the Old Yao blog shows mostly uncorroborated rumors and opinion.

It also seems very unlikely that Apple would introduce the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 in 2013, especially with much more solid rumors of a low-cost iPhone this year. It is possible the source of Old Yao saw prototypes of an iPhone that is larger than 4 inches, which we previously heard exists from more reliable sources. However, it’s also worth noting that we aren’t aware of the source above (pictured) previously having accurate information on upcoming Apple products, and today’s report essentially just mirrors what we already heard.

This report follows the extremely sketchy iPhone “math” or “+” report that we debunked on point, as did other well-connected folks. This didn’t stop some folks—who obviously want an Apple Galaxy Note—from creating mockups and the like, but that still doesn’t make it true.

We’re still hunting for a reliable source on these rumors, and we’ll report when we find one.

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