John Browett, Apple’s former head of retail who lasted only six months at the company, recently told attendees of the Retail Week Live conference that he learned much from his experience in Cupertino and is now a “kinder person.”

While admitting he as acquired a degree of humility, Browett explained he “just didn’t fit within the way (Apple) ran the business.” Browett also said Apple is a fantastic business with great people, products, and culture, and he loved working there, but he has since become very clear of how he is and what he is like to work with.

“It will make me much better at doing my job in the future,” he added. “It was one of those shocking things where you were rejected from the organization for fit rather than competency.”

Browett departed from Apple in October 2012 amid a major shakeup at the company and now works as the chief executive of Dixons retail chain in the United Kingdom, while CEO Tim Cook assumed his duties and currently oversees Apple’s retail side.

A clip of the conference interview is available above.

[via MacRumors]

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