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When iOS 7 launches later this year, Apple’s upcoming iTunes Radio service will not only be found on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, but on the Apple TV set-top-box as well. As we previously highlighted, the Pandora-competing streaming music service is available for testing on iOS 7 devices, but today, we have filmed a hands-on video of the iTunes Radio implementation for the corresponding fall Apple TV software update…

As you can see in the video above, iTunes Radio is available as a standalone app on the Apple TV interface. Like on iOS 7 devices, iTunes Radio for Apple TV includes a series of stations compiled by Apple. Additionally, users can create custom stations based on specified artists, genres, or specific song titles. The menus are akin to those for other Apple TV apps such as the standard Music player. The ability to purchase songs through iTunes and listen to music in the background is also present.

iTunes Radio is currently exclusive to users in the United States, but we previously published a workaround for international music fans. 

In addition to iTunes Radio, the upcoming Apple TV software update will work with OS X Mavericks to be a wireless standalone display. In past OS X and Apple TV versions, functionality capped at the ability to AirPlay Mirror a Mac’s screen to a display connected to an Apple TV set-top-box.

iTunes Radio, this fall, will also be available on Macs and PCs via an iTunes update.

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