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Ahead of iOS 7 beta 4’s rumored release (perhaps as soon as today if Apple were to follow its own pattern), some purported download links for the new release have hit the web. These download links, when clicked, pull up a “Your session has expired link,” while an incorrect link shows an “Access denied” message. The purported build number is 11a4435d, and here is a purported link for a GSM iPhone 5 (CDMA iPhone 5 link has the same message as well). (Thanks, Robert!)

In related news, BGR claims that two more betas will follow today’s beta 4 and that the Golden Master seed will be released to developers in September.

I heard last week that Apple is nearing an initial “GM1″ candidate internally. This candidate is said to be at a zero-priority-1 bug status, which means that there are no critical bugs left in the operating system. Of course, Apple will likely discover more bugs in its testing and will likely have several internal GM candidates before releasing the final GM seed to developers later in the year.

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4 Responses to “iOS 7 beta 4 download links leak out early, two more betas to follow, GM in September?”

  1. PMZanetti says:

    Nice, that should probably mean that (with the delay) this beta 4 will be a more advanced build, probably close to this internal GM -1 bug status.



  2. You are just awesome. Best mac-reporter in tech, well deserved :)


  3. It is out over the air now