Recent Samsung ads for the Galaxy S4 have been used to highlight a unique feature of the phone that can automatically pause video when you turn your head away from your device. This has been an exclusive feature on the S4 for quite some time, but is now available to jailbroken iOS users through a new tweak called FaceHalt.

While early versions of FaceHalt seemed a bit buggy and unstable, the latest build works flawlessly on both the iPhone and iPad. The tweak works system-wide, from the YouTube app to the built-in Videos app, and all of the third-party apps tested. The biggest downside? You’ll actually have to watch those YouTube ads now.

FaceHalt is available on Cydia now for $1.99 on the BigBoss repo.

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4 Responses to “FaceHalt brings Galaxy S4-style automatic video pausing to jailbroken iOS devices”

  1. you don’t need a jailbroken device, there’s a similar app on the App Store and even let’s you mute the video by putting your finger in front of your nose, it’s called LookAway!


  2. There’s nothing iPhone couldn’t do what S4 does. I think this feature is pointless and they have to pay for it with a phone anyway. We can get it to our iPhone if we want to (over the App Store or Jailbreak).


    • thejuanald says:

      Except Apple prevents you from doing nearly any of the things the S4 does. The capability of the phone isn’t what Apple detractors have against the phone/tablet, it’s the draconian (as has been a popular word with apple fanboys since apple released their response to the DoJ) software that limits anything you can do with your phone, only allowing you into the walled garden that is Apple.


  3. Ooh Bright Eyes. Nice sound great album amazing artist.