Nokia has released a new ad for its Lumia 925 today comparing the device’s camera to the iPhone 5 and simultaneously parodying Apple’s recent “Photos Every Day” TV spot. It’s not surprising that Nokia would choose to focus on the Lumia 925’s camera, as it made a big deal of the device’s 8.7 megapixel camera, dual LED flash, Carl Zeiss lens, and enhanced software camera features when it was unveiled. The dual LED flash is a feature that happens to be rumored for the next-gen iPhone. This also isn’t the first time that Nokia has compared the iPhone 5’s camera to its own smartphones, but it’s certainly the first time it has done a parody of an Apple commercial. Some scenes, like 50 seconds into Nokia’s ad, are taken directly from Apple’s commercial.

Apple’s ad, for comparison, is below:

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22 Responses to “New Nokia 925 ad parodies Apple’s ‘Photos Every Day’ commercial, claims iPhone 5 takes subpar photos”

  1. What i don’t understand is why they all have to compare themselves with the iPhone? Cmon people, stand for yourself. Do a good product because its good, not because its better than the iPhone.

    • Tess says:

      No company who makes the Lumia 1020 is making their products just to outdo the iPhone — that’s a crazy high quality that nobody would ever make unless they were doing it to make the most awesome cameraphone they knew how to make.

      But when Americans think of premium quality phones, they think of iPhones, for better or worse. By default, Americans will either buy something cheaper that saves money, or they’ll buy an iPhone, right? I mean, lots of people buy a Galaxy phone now, but only because Samsung has communicated that it’s better than an iPhone in XYZ ways (if not in others), such as by having that huge, super-high-res, colorful screen.

      In other words, the easiest way to convince people that you have a great premium phone is to show/tell people how it’s better than an iPhone (for some things). So that’s what they do.

  2. Why the iPhone again and the shooting? Do a better phone. If that’s all they are camera manufacturers.

  3. Liam Wise says:

    At least the ad pronounces Nokia correctly.

  4. Tariq Miflal says:

    Gud Job Nokia Really Amazing Camera’s… Only if u had originality Wld Respect your Achievement… The Surface Tablet is a Failure even after Making Siri luk like a Fool…
    Just a Thought… Go back Home 2(Jolla) cse thats an amazing piece of Software…

  5. “But at Nokia we prefer to build for quality not just quantity” – yeah, that doesn’t make a lot of sense. But nice try Nokia.

  6. Jens Sage says:

    Fascinating that the original apple ad has such more quality to it from a photography / sound / narration standpoint. some good folks hired right there.

    I like what Nokias doing with it’s cameras, especially the 1020 seems to be awesome. But the this ad has no feel to it. no “oompf” neither

  7. The ad demonstrates that Nokia can build better products than Apple. Whether it be phones as a whole, or various parts of the phone. Take the iPhone 4’s antenna to the Lumia 925’s antenna. Pretty much the same design the only difference is that Nokia’s Lumia 925…WORKS. As in you can sustain a phone call on it. You can’t with the iPhone 4 unless you put a hideous piece of rubber crap around it. Which defeats the point of a PHONE. So hopefilly you dumbass Appleheads will get the point of the Ad and Wake up!!

    • Said the user with little to no experience with an iPhone 4, rebutted by the user with 3 years worth of talk time and no dropped calls and rocking this baby without a case.

      No one is denying the quality of rhe Nokia, but the AD demonstrates a phone with powerful camera functions that rival or surpass its competitor.

    • samuelsnay says:

      iPhone 4? Welcome to two years ago.

      And Appleheads?

      Are you twelve years old? Otherwise, there’s no excuse for the lack of logic and use of names in this post. Unbelievable.

  8. Nice Ad. Using Cooks Quality vs. Quantity to score some points.

  9. is it the same case like Lumina 920 advert?

  10. It makes a lot of sense to use two different pictures during the comparison: ie, the skater is captured on a sunny day with blue sky with the Nokia, and yet it looks like storming when the iPhone took its photo. Very smart for fast showing, but I mean, since they aren’t actually doing a fair comparison, they have failed once again. Trying to give bs to consumers doesn’t make this a nice commercial.

  11. Ezhik says:

    I’m actually looking for a phone right now and I don’t even know what to pick anymore.
    I could get an iPhone 5, I could get a Lumia, I could get an HTC One. Hell, I could probably afford a Lumia 920 and an iPad mini.

    Decisions, decisions…

  12. Appleheads! Apple fanboys! Dumbasses!! You’re all the same to me. Be careful using them Apple Maps, OK??

  13. Not a bad ad, still doesn’t make me want to buy one especially since Apple’s working on camera improvements on the 5S but I like the competition. Apple needs to bring it since all these amazing Android phones with new features are nipping at their heels. I don’t have a problem with the iPhone 5’s camera other than the flash, which is way too cool compared to the wb of without a flash. That picked on that feature which is well deserved.

  14. scottwilkins says:

    I own both an iPhone 5 and a Nokia 920. I’m really upset that Apple’s quality really is poor compared to the 920. I LOVE the 920’s quality in display, sound (calls are 10 times better on the Nokia!!!) and yes the camera too. Many other things are so much higher quality, like the automatic brightness on the Nokia actually WORKS where it’s a joke on the iPhone. Apple really needs to wake up.

  15. Look at the sky in the photo of the skater. The one taken with nokia has a clear sky, ie. taken in bright sun, whearas the photo taken in iPhone was taken wen the sky was not clear, ie. low light.
    I dont think this is a right way to compare two cameras.

  16. The pronunciation of Nokia doesn’t sound right. Sounds like he’s saying “Nah-kya” when is should be “Noh-kya” – strange.

  17. LOL. The thing here is, Nokia’s smartphone is thicker, heavier and bigger than iPhone 5 in every size and shape. And wait till iPhone 5S comes out.

  18. I love the iPhone and can’t wait for the next one. My partner has the Lumia 925 and I’m sorry but the camera is amazing and far better than anything I’ve seen on the iPhone 5. Come on Apple, step up your game!

  19. To be fair, my Nokia takes better pictures then my friends iPhone 5 by a *staggeringly* long shot. That being said, the Windows Phone OS is still teething, and that’s my biggest problem with it. The 920’s (my Nokia) hardware is bigger, but truth be told that doesn’t actually bother me at all. I crushed mine in a car door once, or at least, I thought I had. Damn thing is indestructible.