Apple appears to be further preparing for the official launch of iTunes Radio, Apple’s Pandora-like streaming music service, by asking streaming radio stations to provide cover art. iTunes Radio is included in the Music app in iOS 7, as seen in our hands-on video.

Dear Internet Radio Provider,

Cover Art

The iTunes Store now requires cover art for Internet Radio stations. The cover art files must be 1400 x 1400 pixels in JPG or PNG format using RGB color space. The image URL must end in “.jpg”, “.jpeg” or “.png”. To add cover art to your station, send an email to including your contact name, station name and cover art file.

Cover art should avoid pixelation. Any text should be legible at reduced image sizes on small devices. Note that Internet Radio cover art is not currently displayed.

Questions about iTunes Radio?

Check out iTunes Radio here.


The iTunes Internet Radio Team

While cover art is already available for many radio stations, some of it is very small and wouldn’t scale well on a Retina iPad.

Via MacRumors

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3 Responses to “Apple asks Internet radio stations for cover art for likely inclusion in iTunes Radio service”

  1. Still dream about FM radio


  2. Has the Radio section of iTunes been removed entirely from beta 5? Or is it now under regional restrictions because of licensing and royalties? The internet radio section is gone from my system as of installing beta 5, but my Apple ID is for the Canadian store, not the US store. Can any developers in the US confirm that the function is still there for them?


  3. Er, never mind. Just found it waaaaaay back in the original release notes. US only “to start”. I guess the inclusion in the beta 4 was an error. Sigh.