Twelve South today launched a $34.99 accessory that can prop up certain Lightning Apple devices (iPhone 5, iPad mini, 5th-gen iPod touch, 7th-gen iPod nano) for simultaneous charging and usage. Use of the accessory with the 4th-generation iPad is not recommended because of the device’s size.


The HiRise is compatible with iPhones and other Apple devices even if they remain in carrying cases. Twelve South uses examples such as using FaceTime with the HiRise and other apps. We previously reviewed the HiRise for both the MacBook and iMac. We will have a review of the iPhone HiRise up in the coming days.

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2 Responses to “Twelve South debuts iPhone 5/iPad mini HiRise aluminum charging stand”

  1. Already ordered one. Really matches the Mac well, and wow – easy access to the headphone jack! A concept few manufacturers grasp.


  2. Ordered on the 6th, suppose to receive it 15th Sept. Amazon notified me I will be getting Hi-rise Fri. the 9th. Looks like it is well made and designed, I’ll find out!