Apple supplier Pegatron is forecasting up to a 50 percent growth in its Q3 revenues despite its PC business continuing to decline, with the bulk of this growth likely to come from the iPhone, reports ReutersPegatron made the announcement after failing to hit analyst expectations in Q2.

“We expect revenue in the non-computing segment to grow by 40 to 50 percent in Q3 due to new consumer products. Q4 will also be higher,” said company CEO and President Jason Cheng in an investor conference.

Pegatron has been pretty much confirmed as making the iPhone 5C – the plastic iPhone – with some Digitimes-based rumors suggesting it may also be a secondary supplier for the 5S, whose production is being led by Foxconn. Both handsets are expected to be announced by Apple on 10th September … 

Pegatron expects its notebook shipments to fall 5-10 percent, while desktops fall more steeply by 10-15 percent

 reports that Apple is Pegatron’s biggest customer, accounting for 27 percent of sales. The company currently makes the iPhone 44S and iPad Mini, and is rumored to be starting work on the iMac also.

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One Response to “New iPhone production spurs huge growth for Pegatron even as PC decline continues”

  1. Laughing_Boy48 says:

    Those type of production orders doesn’t seem like their coming from a company getting ready to go out of business. I know the analysts are already saying the next iPhone is nothing special compared to all those Android smartphone out there and is likely to be a failure, but we’ll see what happens when the time comes.