Update: Apple confirmed on its iCloud status page that Find my iPhone is back to normal:

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 3.30.09 PM

The Find my iPhone iOS app has been updated with a new iOS 7-style icon while the rest of the UI remains the same. This icon is the same as the one found on the updated website:

However, many are noting that you cannot log in to the new Find my iPhone app without having a developer account:


Meanwhile, Find my Friends also received a small update to fix bugs, but the icon and UI remain the same. The app is functioning properly.

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20 Responses to “Botched Find my iPhone update only allows developers to log in [Update: fixed]”

  1. John Moss says:

    Before this Find My Friends update, it would crash on launch with the iOS 7 betas. Now it functions normally.

  2. I don’t have dev account and it’s till working for me

  3. It happened to me too. I’can’t access the app anymore

  4. I launched Find My Friends on iOS7 and was asked if I wanted to turn on Background App Refresh. Is this new update using new iOS7 APIs then?

  5. that’s ridiculous… they ask you to update and then you can’t use app anymore…

  6. Surprised it hasn’t updated the UI of the app

  7. Whilst the message refers to a dev account, i think the issue is actually whether or not you’re running iOS 7 or not. It works on iOS7 but the message appears on iOS 6 (and lower i guess)

  8. rivertonrock says:

    OMG, that icon is so ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! /s

  9. sunjives says:

    Non developers should sign in again for the app to work again
    Settings>iCloud>find my phone
    Toggle the switch and it will start working again

  10. The only people noting that Find my iPhone app isn’t working on their phones are non-Developers running iOS 7. What is your actual source for this article?

  11. I’m a non developer running iOS 6 and mine is working ok

  12. I was able to log in fine after the update and I don’t have a dev acct.

  13. I didn’t get an error message at all. Found my “iPad”, “iPhone” & “Mac” in a few seconds. #NotEffectingEveryone #NiceIconiOS7Looksbetter

  14. If you’re having trouble with the updated app, try deleting and reinstalling the app. I did that and it works fine for me now.

  15. Works fine for me. Does that mean I have a developer account? If so…i’m downloading iOS7.

  16. They must be absolutely slammed for this giant update. I just wonder what the final release is going to be like.

  17. hare says:

    Where can i get the update, nothing new in the Dev. center? :/

  18. Andrew Burns says:

    mine works after update – I’m not a developer! Don’t like the new Icon though

  19. Lee Palisoc says:

    It works for me. I’m using iOS 7 but I don’t have a developer account.

  20. No dev. account and still working for me. On top of that now have the Pages, Numbers and Keynote in the cloud betas showing up (and working) in iCloud….