Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 10.16.24 AM

The website has been redesigned to match the design of iOS 7. Removing the linen and other Forstall-era design elements, this is the first display of Apple bringing iOS 7 design elements to the web.

Before the introduction of iOS 7, the Bug Reporter tool was redesigned to look like iOS, but was soon switched back to the old (antiquated) design.

More screenshots below:

Main screen with all of the app icons:

Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 10.18.03 AM



Find my iPhone:


Viewing a contact:




iCloud Mail:




The app switcher:

Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 10.22.17 AM

Time zone selector:


Adding a new contact:


Apple appears to be testing a live, interactive background for the new iCloud beta at

404 page (Thanks, Robert!):

Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 11.21.25 AM

Other notes:

  • Find my iPhone still uses Google Maps.
  • On-site notifications cannot be disabled currently

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31 Responses to “ beta updated with iOS 7 design”

  1. Notch Brick says:

    Nice Donkey Kong Country Screenshot lol


  2. Woah…! Looks damn cool…!


  3. James Hogg says:

    Typical with all the iOS 7, reduced functionality, where has the delete email icon went to ?


  4. Very cool. I even have the betas of iWork on mine (they are there on too). I love the new design. Its very clean and less distracting. Good job Apple!


  5. looks nice .. but why use a touch UI to a desktop Apple?


  6. Apple needs to update the Pages, Numbers, and Keynote icons to match iOS 7.


  7. Sadly this was only a reskin (pretty much). The iCloud site is full of so many bugs, and should be completely scrated and rebuilt. The search tool is useless all together.


  8. I hope this means they are going to be updating these apps in Mavericks to look similar too.


  9. Looks very very nice. A great clean interface and just feels so much clearer. I was able to access the beta account with my account (even though I do not have a developers account!)


  10. nmpomes says:

    For some reason I can imagine Siri reading that 404 error.


  11. Why is the Notes and Reminders app skeuomorphic? Eye Cancer!


  12. Love the new design! Very clean and easy to use. Just one thing, I think they should bring the iCloud button back so we can go back to iCloud home easily. With this change, you now have to click on “iCloud” > “Home.” Other than that, this is just awesome! Now I just can’t wait for iOS 7 to come!


  13. Love the design, except the left column of mail. The blue makes it looks like it’s all selected.


  14. Is this a clue on how the apps on Mavericks will look like?

    Mail looks nice, clean and sleek.


  15. Auction Ryan says:

    When did Apple start using Google Maps again? How did I miss that?


  16. For those of you that can’t find the delete icon in Mail, Here’s how you do it:
    – Press the delete key on your keyboard
    – Drag single message or multiple messages to the trash folder on the left.

    It looks like this is more of a web application than just a plain webpage. But it works as if it was a native Mac app.


  17. CRiZZO says:

    Looks good to me!


  18. Now I’m starting to like iOS 7..


  19. JP says:

    Is anybody else having trouble imagining that Apple would push OS X Mavericks (hasn’t received makeover) with all this other stuff that has? It really mis-matches. Their marketing would look very strange, with, iOS Devices, and icons matching the new look and then OS X staying with old look.

    I am hoping for a makeover this fall for OS X. It’s been years since one.


  20. Hate it. Hate iOS 7 too. I can’t wait for Scott Forstall to join Samsung and resurrect Steve Jobs’ design aesthetic and kick Apple’s butt.