Starting last week, Apple began promoting the Mac Pro in theaters with a cinema advertisement that played before movies like Jobs. The video has now been posted to the Apple’s YouTube account, and shows the same exact motion shots of the upcoming Mac Pro from the TV ad shown at WWDC but adds the date “Fall 2013″ at the end.

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4 Responses to “Apple promotes fall 2013 Mac Pro launch by posting cinema ad to YouTube”

  1. ashtraywasp says:

    The first Apple ad since those little-bit-odd Genius ads that hasn’t been first-rate.

    The heavy guitar buildup and dramatics is really out of place. Would’ve been much better off going with something that sounded a bit more futuristic to go with the Mac Pro (or anything at the brink of tech), any number of Zomby or Aphex Twin tunes would be so perfect.


  2. What a horrible move from Apple…it’s like they spread open their cheeks and shat all over their pro users. No PCIe slots!? RUFKM? Thunderbolt 1 is not only overpriced but severly limited in terms of speed. And thunderbolt 2 makes it twice as fast — ok that’s fine but you’re still nowhere near the speed of PCIe 3.0 on a *real* workstation like an HP Z820. I don’t see why any pro user would want to compromise space for speed…the whole point of being a professional workstation is needing the fastest possible connections. Man, the whole Mac Pro user base \ market is going to change because of this, and not for the better. Bleh.


  3. I really dig the use of Supremacy by Muse in the trailer.


  4. This has to be the best Apple commercial since “The Crazy Ones”. Or at least as classic as the original iPod commercials, but it’s pretty fantastic.