A new video has surfaced purporting to show a comparison between an iPhone 5, gold iPhone 5S, and blue iPhone 5C. This leak comes just days after another video of an iPhone 5C shell.

The latest video only details the outsides of the devices, but recent reports indicate the iPhone 5S will recieve a few significant internal upgrades as well, including a new 64-bit “A7″ processor and an improved camera and additional storage.

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14 Responses to “Video comparison of gold iPhone 5S casing against iPhone 5”

  1. RP says:

    The 5’s certainly look like expensive luxury items.There is no denying these phones are top of the line high end products.


  2. Paul Threatt says:

    Since this is the third color option for iPhones, and the new color is more bronze in appearance than gold, I hope they call it “bronze”. Somehow, I doubt it will happen that way.


    • standardpull says:

      Gotta agree, this is the world’s most boring video ever. Take some iphone parts and flip them a dozen times, not so exciting. And it is again just the backs. No real info.

      iPhone 4? That was the bees knees. Now it’s all the same across the industry. Innovation? No where to be seen. Just stupid cameras (with the same old basic limitations, just silly megapixels) and stupid non-pocketable sizes (as if we all carry huge purses around with us).

      Oh spirit of Jobs, please help others be innovative and reasonable, and get the world back to real innovations versus the cheap shots of “marketing innovations”.


  3. look at the headphone jack and camera at 1:09 – 1:11. not real, fake, fraud!


    • latinoboyboy says:

      The title clearly states these are only “housings”. It’s doesn’t have any components inside. I can still be fake but the video looks pretty legit.


  4. simon2106 says:

    I keep seeing these champagne and now graphite 5s chassis but one glaring thing to me is that from the pics the chamfer and inside are bare metal. Am I right to think they are anodised post machining in the manufacturing process like the present black phone so the inside and chafers would be coloured?


  5. richardadams759944171 says:

    Why are the headphone and lightening ports covered in the “gold” edition? (View at 1:08 in the video)


  6. The Champagne color is growing on me


  7. About this new gold hued iPhone 5S – there’s a possibility we haven’t even considered; could it be made from Liquid Metal® ?


  8. reesmaxwell says:

    They should call the gold one the 5$


  9. Dirty hands and uncut nails just add a bit of charm into this video


  10. lubeoixa says:

    great design, always fond of them, every generation has its own style