Aiptek, the company behind a number of mobile projector products that we’ve seen in the past, is about to release a brand new pico projector for iPhone 5 and we just got our first look at the product during the ShowStoppers IFA event in Berlin. Texas Instruments, who provides the DLP technology powering the product’s projection experience, was on hand tonight at ShowStoppers showing off the new “MobileCinema i55.” It’s similar to other pico projector cases Aiptek has launched in the past, but this time provides a couple new features on top of built-in Lightning connector support for the iPhone 5. We went hands-on and have a video of the product in action below the fold. 

Not only will the Mobile Cinema i55 project anything on your iPhone in a picture as big as a 60-inch TV,  it’s also the first projector from the company that will double as a battery pack for the device providing up to one full charge. Aiptek says the new Mobile Cinema i55 “provides double the brightness of similar products on the market,” and the picture indeed looks better than previous generation models we’ve seen in years past. Although it’s clearly designed for the iPhone 5, it also packs in an HDMI input for use with your Mac or other devices and it will work with your iPad mini, iPad 4, and 30-pin devices with an adapter. Other specs include 50 ANSI lumens with a native resolution of 640 x 480 pixels, a built-in speaker, manual focus, USB and micro USB ports for charging non-Lightning devices, and a 3000mAh battery for up to 120 minutes of projection. It’s about to hit stores in Europe for £220 and hopefully North America shortly after.

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4 Responses to “Aiptek shows off a combo projector/battery pack for iPhone 5 available starting this month (Video)”

  1. rakinjannot says:

    For the lazy: $343 US dollars
    I want this to come to America. I don’t own many +$100 accessories, but I might just shell out for this. It would be great for watching videos with a group instead of crowding around my phone’s tiny screen.


    • Justin Shieh says:

      You should look into some other pico projectors, there’s a lot of really compact size projectors that maybe don’t necessary act like an iPhone case, but still small enough for you to carry around. They are the size of your phone basically. I suggest you check out these models: the Brookstone HDMI pocket projector, aaxa p4x, or aaxa p2jr. They are all cheaper than this Aiptek projector and more powerful actually.


  2. I’ve used loads of Aiptek projectors and they are all awful to be honest. Hopefully this model will improve the quality but I doubt it.