One of the bigger questions remaining about Apple’s event tomorrow is the price point of the iPhone 5C.  Some, including Reuters, have put the price point very low, in the $100 Android range. Others have put it higher at $500 and above. Assuming Apple goes with a 16GB base model, I’d personally guess about $450 or slightly lower. How about you?

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20 Responses to “Poll: How much will a 16GB iPhone 5C cost, unsubsidized?”

  1. I feel they may bring back the 8GB version for the lower cost iPhone.

  2. It can’t be less than the 32GB iPod touch, but it shouldn’t be much higher. This year’s iPod touch update (which everyone forgets about) will probably bring it close to the iPhone 5(C) hardware-wise.

    I don’t know how much cell radios cost, but the fact that the 5C has a plastic casing vs. the ultra thin high tech aluminum casing of the touch and having half the capacity (16GB vs. 32GB) must compensate in part of the price of these parts.

    I think Gruber is trying to lower expectations with his predicted $499 price. (Remember the rumored $999 Apple tablet in 2009?)

    • Bill of materials bears no relation to the actual cost of the device. The 16GB iPhone 5 is sold $649 despite only costing ~$199 to build, whereas the 16GB iPad 4 is $499, despite costing ~$320. That subsidy really hides the true cost of the iPhone 5 quite well.

      • Bill of materials directly affects margins, and the price will be set with that in mind.

        If they lower the cost of parts and manufacturing they can lower the price without affecting margins too much.

      • Marc Plus, while what you’re saying may make sense superficially, Jeff Kibuule’s point supersedes your argument. While an iPad 4 costs MORE to produce than an iPhone 5, the iPhone is priced higher. This illustrates the bigger point that Apple will charge what they think people will pay for their product, as opposed to pricing it in proportion to cost.

  3. DubTheDJ says:

    I think it’ll be either an 8GB or 16GB model and will fall between €350-€400. Capacity could depend on the 5S. If a 128GB model is I introduced and they go 32GB/64GB/128GB then the 5C could be 16GB. Otherwise I could see it being 8GB.

  4. standardpull says:

    I assume that it will be priced like an iPad Mini with LTE. After all, hardware-wise, it is an awful lot like an iPad Mini with LTE. So I’m not sure how it could cost much different than that to make or sell. Assuming no subsidization, of course.

    That said, I’m sure costs have generally fallen, despite the steady state of the iPad Mini price tag. So sure, knock of $50.

  5. They’ll shoot themselves in the foot if this priced much higher than the Nexux 5 (rumored to be close in specs to the LG G2). Even if priced equivalently, the Nexus 5 will likely blow this thing out of the water spec-wise.. If it comes in $100 cheaper than the N5, then I’ll definitely consider it!

  6. RP says:

    at this point with all the leaks, this is the most interesting part of tomorrows event for me.

  7. Paul Burt says:

    They’re going to discontinue the 4 AND 4S tomorrow so it’s going to fill the price void left by the 4S, free on contract/$449 off contract.

  8. I don’t see the point in buying the 5c or the 5s if you already have the iPhone 5, there is not much change from the 5 to the 5s.

  9. while it made sense what Ben Thompson wrote ( ) but I think the price point of the 5C is lower than what he suggested ($ 400 / $ 450 range) because I think it is mainly there to compete in emerging markets (China) and as a bonus it will be able take a bite out of the Android dominating segment in the current markets. So my guess is the $ 350 / $ 400 range…

  10. Oh boy I think the price is expected to be way too low. Looking at current prices I’m pretty sure it will be more than 400. I hope this is not going to be another PR nightmare…

  11. wolfomd says:

    I think it will quite possibly be around the price of a Nexus from Google. Either way, it’ll be between 100-250, or free on contract.Either way, im expecting a lot of comments on how under-powered compared to the 4/4S

  12. I mean its pretty…. but compared to the galaxy, its a little disappointing..

  13. rettun1 says:

    Wow, literally the LEAST guessed option on the poll was right. I had guessed around 450

  14. Apple should have done A LOT more to manage price expectations. They *knew* people were expecting a price around 400.
    How could they be so stupid?