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As predicted by 9to5Mac, Apple launched its AppleCare+ program in Europe for the first time today. The extended warranty program is now available in the UK, France, and Italy.

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3 Responses to “Apple launches AppleCare+ in Europe”

  1. applecare+ replacement phones in the us went up to 79 dollars from 49


  2. hmm, will it be avalable to whole EU?
    How can we obtain it in Croatia, when there are no apple stores here. Will carriers have it as option?


  3. Jim Phong says:

    Apple removed the standard AppleCare in Europe.
    AppleCare+ only is now available. It’s a shame!
    AppleCare+ can be activated only on new devices during the first 30 days !
    The standard AppleCare allowed 1 year to extend warranty.
    Tim Cook is a real idiot.
    This is a nightmare.
    Whoever didn’t buy AppleCare before, whoever is buying a used Apple device iPhone,iPad,iPod without AppleCare won’t be able to extend the warranty anymore!