Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 2.12.40 PMThe online Apple Store just came back online with all of today’s new goodies. Here are links to everything announced today:

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21 Responses to “The Apple Store is back; here’s what’s new”

  1. “Order your iPhone 5s beginning September 20″… erm… I want it ON 20th September… and I don’t mean by queueing for 24 hours…


  2. The price for the iPhone 5C without a contract is way higher than people expected. It goes for $549 and $649 for the 16GB and 32GB models respectively… A bit of a disappointment there.


  3. not very cheap i5c…600€


  4. PMZanetti says:

    No pre-order for the 5S is absolutely ridiculous. So this is Tim Cook’s “master plan” for improving in-store iPhone sales numbers? Just ditch the pre-order?

    Here’s a hint: buying at the store sucks. Lines suck. The entire launch day experience is miserable at Apple stores. People preorder because they don’t want any part of use scene you create, Apple.


  5. 5S case colors inspired by the medical supply industry?


  6. pak256 says:

    Looks like the price for applecare+ replacements has gone up to $79


  7. Don McHose says:

    I find it interesting that the new 5S does not support the new AC wifi standard that Apple’s own new routers support.


  8. Jim Phong says:

    Contract-free price for iPhone 5C it’s sky high!
    Just to show how much retarded Tim Cook and his whole “cheaper iPhone” lies nonsense are.
    The iPhone 5S it’s a top-notch product indeed.
    But the iPhone 5C it’s a scam! It should cost no more than $359 – $459 .. instead in Europe like in Germany the iPhone 5C 16GB costs 599Euros = $794 !!!
    This is just plain crazy!
    Who would want to buy a crap plastic iPhone 5C ?
    And Tim Cook cancelled the iPhone 5 to sell it in the re-packaged 5C nonsense plastic crap at practically the same price ??


  9. Jim Phong says:

    Tim Cook needs to be fired.
    The iPhone 5C it’s going to hurt Apple badly.
    Boycott the 5C crap!
    Buy the 5S only! Don’t waste money on the 5C nonsense. Really.
    Tim Cook needs to go. And he is trying to sell a re-packaged iPhone 5 in a crap plastic 5C edition…


  10. I find the Unlocked prices ABSURD! Seriously for a Glorified 32GB iPhone 5C, I would rather buy the 16gb iPhone 5S.

    Size – Name: On Contract/Unlocked
    16GB – iPhone 5C: $99/$549
    32GB – iPhone 5C: $199/$649
    16GB – iPhone 5S: $199/$649
    32GB – iPhone 5S: $299/$749
    16GB – iPhone 5S: $399/$849


  11. New iPod Touch “Space Gray” color option for 32 GB and 64GB.


  12. truth42 says:

    I don’t think Samsung are going to be breaking sweat over this.


  13. thrommy says:

    The price on these are to be honest kind of ridiculous. I guess this is just what the Android market wanted to see. I will be looking at other offerings now after waiting for this disappointment. I think Apple has reached the top of their hill and is on the down side especially since the loss of Jobs.


    • Jim Phong says:

      The iPhone 5S it’s a top-notch product. Better than anything Samsung, Microsoft, Google and any other can bring to market.
      Whoever wanted to buy a true iPhone should just buy the 5S just like he/she bought the 5 and 4S before…
      Fact is that the 5C it’s a scam and a shame. It’s not going to give Apple any new customers.
      And whoever wants a true iPhone should surely skip the 5C plastic scam.


  14. Ali Mnm says:

    If I preorder 5s via Verizon will it be GSM unlocked factory with 2 years contract?