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We mentioned this use of an iPad to aim a weapon on Twitter earlier but war is obviously not the place for jokes. However, it is fascinating that iPads have now become part of weaponry. via Reuters

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22 Responses to “Syrian Rebels use iPads to aim homemade mortars”

  1. drtyrell969 says:

    Now there’s something to write home about. Seriously, feel extremely shamed.

  2. anyone else notice he is holding his iPad upside down?

  3. Before that they definitely used hacked open-source Android tablet to launched their bio-weapon missiles to US but failed, instead to their nearest children playground…

  4. 311sie says:

    Always pictured Syrian rebels as Windows RT users. I mean, that inventory had to end up somewhere right?

  5. Ash Boer says:

    Waiting for Microsoft to make an TV ad about this..
    Something like… Apple supports terrorist

  6. daniyo27 says:

    clever. Taking full use of the accelerometer and gyroscope to determine the precise than ever angle, etc. possible compared to analog tools.

  7. Homemade mortars and iPads. What’s the 3rd world coming to?

  8. I guess they are just measuring the angle of the mortar so they can estimate the trajectory. Amazon has these bubble levels with a digital angle display for around 25USD…

  9. There is nothing fascinating about it. This is rather sad. It would be better if iPad was never to be used for this purpose.

  10. Goodness sake, the US is sending arms via the saudis and iPads as humanitarian effort? on top they want to train the terrorists! The greed to control the resources of the middle east is driving the US to annihilation at the end! when they are finished with the middle east they will go to Africa after the rest of the world! hang on so Obama is Dr. Evil now?

  11. Stano says:

    ‘Fascinating’ is not a word that I would use.
    Seriously, your cavalier attitude to this story is beyond the pale….
    Embarrassed for you.

  12. They’re just using the accelerometer (inclinometer app) to align the mortars. Notice the iPad is upside down?
    You can do it with any android phone as well. They’re not doing anything very high tech. It’s not like Apple is enabling them to terrorise people. 9to5mac should clear this up because a lot of people will think otherwise.

  13. JF Gilbert says:

    “Using IPads to aim….” Wow ! Come on, this guy is probably using the “Free Level” app ! nothing more ! These retarded still sniff the ground then poop right there on the ground ! Think they really know what to do with an IPad ????

  14. tigerpork says:

    I think he’s playing angry birds.

  15. Karlos Lema says:

    does any body know that is Steve Jobs is from syrian original !!
    thats mean apple would not be exist without syrian people
    loool and really trust me syrian people are intelligent … the alphabet came from syria too ..

  16. finally found ipad’s true killer feature! maybe next war (Iran) will see special ipad bundle with its local rebel?

  17. ipad you can use it in many ways
    this will be apple´s next ad for the ipad 5 hahahaha
    no but seriously here you can see that even though the thing that looks so inocent it isn´t

  18. jak24 says:

    Remember? “Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The REBELS!!!!!!”